Cast Interviews

Interview with Gidz Clarke Gayle

Gidz who plays  Leroy tells us about his character in the film as well as what his favourite scene was

Interview with Llewela Bailey

Todays interview is with Llewela Bailey and we find out how different (or the same) Llewela is compared with her character in the film.

Interview with Andre Hesson

Andre talks about his Character and the sort of people that will like the film.

Interview with Beverly March

Beverly tells us about her character and how it is acting in front of a camera. 

Interview with Andre Pierre

Andre Pierre tells us about playing his character and what celebrity he would like see play his character

Interview with Stephen Davis

In this interview with one of the directors, and the actor who played Tyrell, we have a chat about his character in the film, and the importance of telling the story in the film.

Interview with Akeem Gibs

In this interview Akeem Gibbs tells us about his role in the film and why it is important to have a Father figure